1997 - 1st Ride
1998 - 2nd Ride
1999 - 3rd Ride
2000 - 4th Ride
2001 - 5th Ride
2002 - 6th Ride
2003 - 7th Ride
2004 - 8th Ride
2005 - 9th Ride
2006 - 10th Ride
2007 - 11th Ride
2008 - 12th Ride
2009 - 13th Ride
2010 - 14th Ride
2011 - 15th Ride
2012 - 16th Ride
2013 - no ride :-(
2014 - 17th Ride
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Justus Willemsen
Ruben Willemsen

Introductie van de Angels / Introducing The Angels:


Willem Berkers

Start 1997

16 rides

Peter van der Waa

Start 1997

14 rides

Ronald Bakker

Start 1997

14 rides

Henk Kuilman

Start 1997

11 rides

Maarten Beckers

Start 1998

4 rides

Roelinda ten Pas

Start 2001

10 rides

Rob Herbes

Start 2003

11 rides

Eddy Dewinter

Start 2005

9 rides

Jan Augustijn

Start 2008

6 rides

Andries Bats

Start 2013

0 rides

David van der Laan

Start 2014

1 ride

Beatrice Bettac

Start 2014

1 ride

Former Angels:


Start 1997

End 1997

1 ride 

Robert Dijkhuizen

Start 1998

End 1999

2 rides

Jolanda van Steenbergen

Start 1998

End 1998

1 ride

Mark Snoek

Start  1999

End 2011

8 rides

Rene vd Beld

Start 2004

End 2004

1 ride

A very funny article made by a few of our colleagues from the office ;-)

Have you seen these people?
They are suspected to spend their time working as respected members of our Shell community but this is merely a cover for an underground criminal gang. In their spare time they are known as the ‘Shells Angels’ and we believe they have engaged in kidnapping, stealing, selling below LPC and drugs.

They are usually based in the Netherlands but they travel by bike around Europe. Watch out, this happens couple of times per year! Do not approach them directly but call the compliance police immediately if you see them. They may be armed and slippery (carrying 1 liter lubes packs)! We have reason to believe they are planning to go to Germany on their bikes and one known members also travel to far dodgy destinations.

They travel in a pack like wolves, there are 10 of them. The leader is thought to be a master of cunning and disguise; Roelinda P., aka the blond biker bombshell. Other known felons are Rob H., aka the marine machine; Henk K., aka howling Henkie;, Jan A, aka Mr. Porsche.; Maarten B. aka Mr. Corvette. Our fears around biking groups were confirmed by Nu.nl today in an article they state that ‘members of motor clubs almost always display criminal behaviour. Link: www.nu.nl

Don’t be fooled by their innocent looks and nice smiles – they may say they are harmless – they are not. They may try to confuse you with acronyms, technical talk and processes – do not be lured into their trap. They will convert you into a member before you know it.

Protect your family, your working colleagues, your local community, your company, your nation, your world, our galaxy and the milky-way by helping the compliance police catch these wanted terrorists and fugitives. You can also help reunite kidnapped persons by these gang members with their loved ones. Protect each other and unite in strength to create the future you deserve! 

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